Creating a New Name and Identity
The unwritten mission of the Leukemia Society is to go out of business – until then, leadership wants to communicate clearly what the Society does. When the organization was started it focused on raising money to fund research to find the cure for leukemia and grew to include other blood-related cancers. Despite its great progress against childhood leukemia, lymphoma has grown to become one of the leading cancers causing death. The Leukemia Society was dedicating a significant percentage of its research funding for lymphoma research and wanted to emphasize the disease’s importance and its role in seeking a cure.

The name change reflects this shift in focus without sacrificing the equity of the previous name. The positioning suggested that a more aggressive image than just typography was required to express the organization’s mission. A dynamic, accessible symbol was designed to represent the brand focus and to capture the cancers’ blood-related natures. A tagline was added to emphasize the organization’s positioning, one of action that connects the diseases as blood-related and speaks to them outright as cancers for the first time.

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We are a group of passionate and compassionate people – researchers, patients, staff and thousands of volunteers – all relentlessly committed to finding cures for leukemia, lymphomas, myeloma and other blood-related cancers.

We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for patients and their families through a wide spectrum of emotional and practical services that provide support throughout diagnosis, treatment and recovery. We have a 50-year history of success in discovering new ways of treating these diseases and contributing to cures for other cancers.

We also bring passion to the way we run our organization. We maintain efficient, financially sound practices, while being sensitive to the needs of all our patients.

We will always remain relentless to the cures.
The above positioning statement was created to be used as an internal tool to maintain a consistent behavior and strategic focus throughout the organization and in external communications to project a relentless message. The idea of relentlessness captures the central idea, the driven quality that made possible the Society’s success over childhood leukemia - a determination, energy and belief that is at the core of its very being.
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