Brand Management on a Global Scale
Fujitsu accepted the challenge of refocusing its businesses to capitalize on the company’s strengths in technology development. By creating a brand management program to define and express the goals for the brand, we have helped Fujitsu begin the strategic process of gaining greater worldwide recognition.

A Brand Knowledge System was executed that will achieve a common Brand Intelligence and ensure that it is effectively communicated throughout the Fujitsu family of 500 companies. This network of Branding Intelligence would continually seek to understand and adapt to the Branding needs of the organization, ensuring that the most effective and unified Fujitsu Brand message is delivered.

Brand management tools such as the visual system identity, usage examples and standards are documented, for easy and reliable access, in print and as interactive on-line sites, in English and Japanese.

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A brand is continually evolving. Although there is no finish, we can set clear benchmarks along the way to measure progress, monitor response and refine the Brand Knowledge
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